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Garage Door Openers

Garage doors used to be something only for rich people as little as twenty years ago. Because of their popularity garage door openers have come down in price and are affordable for everyone. Garage door openers come with options that would have been unbelievable 20 years ago.

Everyone wants the best modern garage door opener technology. When our customers upgrade or install new equipment Magic gives that to both our residential and commercial customers. We always deliver the best the market offers to meet the ever changing hi-tech demands most people want today.

Our customers are sophisticated and every home and business is unique. Our staff will show you all the options that are offered and make sure you get exactly what you want.

Every model is available in belt, chain, or screw drive models. Keep ahead of the technology curve with a direct drive models from Sommer. Direct drive models are the newest and quietest on the market and what makes them special is they also have one moving part. With less to break down, they will work perfectly for a long time. Choosing the right opener for your garage is easy as we also guide you through all the options for safety and security.

Manufacturers such as Genie, Chamberlain, Odyssey, and Lift-Masters make some of the best products we offer.

Your garage door is the largest opening on your home and making sure it’s secure is one of the smartest things a home or business owner can do. Over the last 20 years garage door openers have gone from being a luxury item few could afford to being a standard item every garage has. A large part of this is because of the level of security a garage door opener provides. When you close your garage door, the opener locks your garage door. Until you open it, it stays closed and keep your property safe.

Granada Hills  Garage Door Security

Upgraded models offer features that beyond simply locking the garage door. Some garage door openers will even close the door if you forget to. Different models allow you to remotely open and close the door from anywhere you happen to be. These technologies are remarkable security features. Let people into your home to water your plants while you are away and lock up your garage when they leave. Talk about helpful! Good security features always add up to your peace of mind.

We give better garage door opener repair service in Granada Hills than any of our competitors. Our technicians all are competent. The factory training they receive makes them the best in the garage door repair industry. They have factory certifications on all the modern garage door openers and we do warranty work.

We want to get referral work from you and that makes us want to do a better job. Because we understand what customers like you want we get a lot of referrals. You deserve better service and for to know the technician will be on time. We even know what you don’t want, poor quality replacement parts and bad service. Do you want to wait for a technician when you need to be somewhere else? Call us instead. It really is that simple.

Magic is the company you want to call when you have garage door repair problems. When you need garage door opener repair or replacement, call us first. Our skilled technicians will be there in less than 60 minutes.

Our factory training means that regardless of your garage door problem, our techs will fix it fast and economically. They are qualified to work on your brand and model. They won’t shatter your warranty if you still have coverage. This is a big difference that hiring Magic Garage Door can make for you.

We will fix your broken garage door opener in Granada Hills and come with everything we need to finish the repair. We get there with all the tools, equipment, and replacement parts to get your garage door opener working again immediately. Our certified technicians will bring your new garage door opener for new garage door opener installs.

Don’t forget, our garage door opener technician will be there within 60 minutes after you call. We offer complete garage door installations. With over 10 years experience on every type of garage door repair, you should count on us to fix it right. Call us and we will come right now!

Our technicians are experts with all the different types of garage doors available today and we offer 24-hour a day garage door repair. We also do automatic gate repair, and garage door and automatic gate installations.

We work on your schedule. So our technicians show up when it’s convenient for you. Magic Garage Door is licensed and insured to protect you. Call us.